How Can I Join In the Class Action Lawsuit Against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution?

I live in nj and hired LHDR to help us pay our debts. After paying them about 7, 900.00 in almost 2 years all they settle was our smallest account for about 680.00 . One of the account which took us to court i I had to settle myself for 1600.00 . LHDR agreed to pay them, when they didn’t pay them ( we had the money in our account ) this account obtain a levy against us for 3,682.00 plus court fees.

I heard of a class action suit against them in Chicago , how can I contact them to join in this class action suit?


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3 thoughts on “How Can I Join In the Class Action Lawsuit Against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution?”

  1. I have filed a complaint against Legal Helpers – have had very unsatisfactory contact with them – they never went to court for me – I couldn’t afford the court fees – but they Do have a lot of my money – more than once they told me I owed them extra money, because they hadn’t heard from me for a long time, and had to get my records out of “I’m not sure where” -and I owed them extra money.  Lied to me in emails too. Extremely upsetting dealing with them. What to do now?

  2. There’s at least one case going in federal court in Washington state.  If the court certifies it as a class action and you’re in the class, then you’ll get a notice in the mail at some point about a proposed settlement if it settles.  Most class actions settle instead of going to judgment.  Then you’ll get a claim form so you can either send in for your amount of the settlement or say you’re opting out and filing your own lawsuit.  If you don’t do anything with the claim form before the deadline on it, you won’t get anything.

    In cases like this, chances are there won’t be much money left by the time it gets that far.  If you want, I’ll be glad to see if I can help while there’s some money to get.  I’m at 910 876 7001, chris@fairdebtlawyer.com.


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