I Settled My Debt With Emirates NBD Bank But They Say I Still Owe Them Money. – Maria

“Dear Steve,

I got a settlement letter from Emirates NBD Bank and were able to comply with their requirements to pay the full value in the letter on the date mentioned Dec 30, 2012. The next day we got Clearance letter for the police to close my case. All the while i feel that everything is ok, until January 2013 that i received another statement coming from the bank for my credit cards which shows increasing interest for both cards. That January i called customer service that i want to complaint why i keep on receiving a statement and charges when in fact i already close everything and they said they will close this issue. This month Feb 2013 went to the nearest emirates bank branch to get a clearance letter for my copy but then the bank branch said they cannot provide a clearance letter as i still need to pay some interest rates.

Can you advise me on how will i secure myself that they will not charge me anymore since the card have been cancelled and closed and not even renewed since long time. Also advise if this charging after full settlement is legal?


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Dear Maria,

Thank you for sending the statement with your question.

It seems it is one of three issues.

The first would be they did not administratively take care of your settled account correctly. In that case showing them the settlement agreement and evidence you made the payment should take care of the matter.

The second is that they fibbed when they told you the previous payment was a settlement and only accepted it as a partial payment.

The third is that the account number of this debt does not match the previously paid account for some reason.

Your best way to get this resolved would be to take the settlement letter and proof of payment to the nearest Emirates NBD Bank and speak with a customer service representative.

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2 thoughts on “I Settled My Debt With Emirates NBD Bank But They Say I Still Owe Them Money. – Maria”

  1. Letter and feeling bad as i was been in prison and still willing to pay all debts with the bank. Please advice me on what to do. Thank you

  2. Dear,
    Please i need advice i have this loans and credit card from Emirates Bank and due to changing work twice i missed payment for several months till i came back and emidiately communicated with the bank and bank ask me this huge amount to cover up all miss payment knowing that i just came back and wont be able to provide the said amouth. A year pass continuesly requesting a bank for a settlement to reconstruct the loan and credit card however bank settlement advice of reconstruction was so unrealistic to my small income. Till onetime had a shirt leave to go home and the immigration has to stop me due to a cheque bounce and had me in jail for a month which i was not aware the bank issued my cheque though communicating with them every day. After a month of imprinsonment once again spoke to the bank and complain about what happen and they come out with the 15k to close the cc and 2000 everymonth for 52 cheque to be issue for loan amouth of 84k. Even i wasnt happy about it i paid 15k and agreed with the settlement but emirates up now doesnt want to issue me my releas


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