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I’m So Embarrassed About My Debt. – Patty

Lifestyle choices.

“Dear Steve, I’m scared about being scammed also, I can’t seem to save any money. I’m just too tired to keep from worrying all the time. To be very honest. We have a credit score of 760. I’m paying credit cards and no money left over so I keep the same pattern. Pay amount due and then have to charge ... Read More »

    I’m Too Proud to Consider Bankruptcy. – Todd

    Ready to Collapse

    “Dear Steve, I have lived with debt most of my life. Parents divorced and on my own since 19. I put myself through school and lived off of credit cards while doing it. I never have caught up. I am now married with two kids. We were fine with the debt we were accumliating since you never know how long ... Read More »

      This is a Scary Time in My Life. I’m Worried About Filing Bankruptcy. – Karina

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      “Dear Steve, This is a scary time in my life. I am self-employed. I am 57 years old, single, and live alone in an apartment in San Francisco. Following my divorce three years ago, after 18 years of marriage, I found myself in the position of not being able to pay monthly expenses on my income alone. My apartment is ... Read More »

        I’m So Embarrassed About My Money Situation. Can You Tell Me The Truth About Debt Settlement?- Gloria

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        Gloria “Hi Steve, I am a 23 year old college student and in dear need of finanical help and advice. This is such an embarrassing situation and it is taking a lot of me to ask for help. This is the first time I am speaking about my situation. I have been on my own since I was 19 years ... Read More »

          I Feel So Embarrassed, Ashamed, and Without Hope Because of My Debt. – Karen

          Ready to Collapse

          Karen “Dear Steve, I am 62, divorced, working full time and heavily in debt. I tried Consumer Credit counseling, Debt Settlement by closing what little 401K I had and finally have filed for bankruptcy. My court date is in 1 month and I just received an audit from the IRS and find I owe another 5000 due to my own ... Read More »

            You May be Down and Unemployed But You Are Still a Hero to Me.


            When I was growing up my Dad found himself unexpectedly unemployed. He went from being an executive to without work, through no fault of his own. I often think back about those days as I read the emails of people that write to me for help who are now unemployed and struggling. I asked my father to share with you ... Read More »

              Holly Writes In “I’ve Kept This Secret From Him For a Long Time.”

              Ready to Collapse

              Holly wrote in and asked her question through the GetOutofDebt.org site. You can too. “Hey there, I have been with my boyfriend awhile now, and we’ve just started to talk about purchasing a house and getting a joint credit card. We’ve never discussed finances further than how much money we make per year. I have bad credit, and I’m pretty ... Read More »

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