How Can I Continue My Education With All This Debt?

Question: Dear Steve, First of all, LOVE that you are answering such tough questions with all proceeds going to Pilot.Dog. Love this. You’re amazing. Some background: I am a 28 year old living in NYC. I am currently making $55,000 with a monthly rent of $1450 excluding utilities. I have three credit cards: one with … Read more

Do You Want to Know Why You Are Absolutely Setup to Fail When Dealing With Your Debt?

As someone who has helped people with debt and money troubles since 1994 I’ve seen thousands and thousands of consumer situations when dealing with all sorts of debt. From mortgages, credit cards, car loans, bank loans, personal loans and students loans; I’ve seen it all. I’ve worked with people with gambling problems, shopping addiction, overspending, … Read more

I Make $165K a Year But Can’t Make Ends Meet. What Can I Do?

Question: Dear Steve, $100,000 in unsecured debt. $50,000 of total is in 5 year consolidation loans. $10,000 in health bills. $165,000 annual salary. Bouncing credit card to consolidation loan keep credit score high. Going into debt $500 more per month. Children so can’t reduce expenses, really. Should I go into Chapter 13? Should I use … Read more

Is There a Debt Solution Company You Would Recommend? – Donnie

Question: Dear Steve, Due to medical issues and a large percentage (25%) loss of salary my wife and I are in serious debt. We owe approximately 52,000.00 in credit card debt. I am looking at some debt solution companies at possibly helping get this debt under control and paid off in a reasonable period of … Read more

The Universal Secret to Dealing With Debt

For years I’ve asked people in debt this simple question, “Do you have a greater responsibility to fix the past or fix your future?” It appears Socrates beat me to the punch and asked the same question of people millennia ago. It seems this question of logical responsibility is one we’ve been asking since nearly … Read more

How Can We Pay Off Our Debt in Three Years? – Joey

“Dear Damon, My wife had a full time job, then stopped working for a few years when we had children, then went back to work part time for about 8 years. This was a big decrease in income and, regrettably, a lot of times we charged to compensate in doing or buying things needed during … Read more

Couple Gets Out of $88K in Debt in Three Years. Exception or Rule?

CNN broadcast the story below on how one couple managed to dig themselves out of debt in about three years. It is a good news story for those people that can afford the minimum payment on their debt plus pile on extra funds. In this case the couple used a credit counseling service to help … Read more

Are You Really Ready to Get Out of Debt? Can You Handle the Truth?

The Question Isn’t if I Can Get You Out of Debt. That’s Easy. I Can. The Real Question is…Are You Really Ready? People come to me all the time in an effort to get out of debt. I believe they desire to eliminate their debt and they can visualize a world without their painful debt … Read more

Which Debt Should I Pay Off First, Credit Card or Personal Loan? – Sean

Sean “Dear Steve, I’m a 20 year old college student around $2000 in debt, with two credit cards and one personal loan. What should I pay off first? The credit card with the highest balance or the one with the higher interest rate, or the loan. What effects my credit score the most? Sean” Dear … Read more

Bank of America Offers “Clean Sweep” Debt Consolidation Loan Up to $50,000. Let’s Look at The Facts And See Who Is Really Cleaning Up.

In this time of great economic worry and stress, Bank of America is sending out an offer they call their Clean Sweep® – Bank of America® Debt Consolidation Plan. I thought it would be beneficial to take a close look at this offer and use it to help educate readers about what to look for … Read more

The Personal Finance Brain Trust Tackles – Trying to Make Ends Meet But Still In Trouble

This weeks personal finance brain trust question was one that I received online. My wife and I are both working, paying rent and land payment (have been trying to sell it), 3 kids and other debts and bills we are struggling from pay to pay and never get ahead. We have also borrowed money from … Read more