I Got a New 1099-C on an Old Mobile Home That Was Repossessed. – Donna

“Dear Steve, Purchased a mobile home in 1996 with a mortgaged amount of 47000. Mobile home repossessed in 2003. My husband and I separated in May 2002. He refused to help pay any debt (mortgage, credit cards, etc). I immediately called the mortgage company to ask for help. They refused. I paid the note until … Read more

What is the Best Way to Refinance Our Florida Mobile Home Mortgage Loan? – Charlene

Mobile Home

“Dear Steve, I live in north florida. I would like to refinance my mobile home. I work full time and so does my husband. We have our mortgage with Greentree. I would really really like to refinance with another company. We have fallen behind on our mortage due to my husband being in a work … Read more

I Can’t Make My Payments and Creditors Want it All? – Bridget

“Dear Jon, I have 4,900 in credit card debt and all my cards have been turned over to collection. I am doing the best i can, but they are not letting me do payments they demand the full amount or they can split the full amount in to 4 payments. I can only pay about … Read more

Is Bankruptcy the Only Option for Me? – Mark

“Dear Steve, I owe $58000 on an $82000 manufactured home (in other words, no value there). I owe $80000 in credit card debt. No car loans…no other loans of any kind. My wife works, but I am currently unemployed; receiving unemployment. I’ve never been late on a payment of any kind, but struggling. Is bankruptcy … Read more

My Husband is a Schizophrenic and Unable to Keep a Job. – Lisa

“Dear Steve, Thank you so much for offering this service! I have been looking all over the web for something like this. Our situation: my husband is on SSDI (he’s schizophrenic, stable on meds but unable to keep a job). I’m employed, but scheduled to be laid off on October 30th. I’ve been applying and … Read more