Precision Law Center and MyHomeSupport.org Have Confused Me

“Dear Steve, I have several loans that I wish to modify in California … five (5) in total, equaling $3.2 Million in debt. So… I have been following this loan modification industry very carefully. Thank you for being the watch dog for us consumers. I was watching & remotely considering Mitchel Stein or Philip Kramer … Read more

How Can We Get Our Money Back from Precision Law Center? – Antonio

“Dear Steve, me and my wife pay Presicion law center 9000 dlls for their services, two properties that they suposs to get in the mass law asue vs bank of america and vs wachovia now that we pay in full their is no answer and the mananswer the same phone number said that they move … Read more

More Information About Marketing for Mass Joinder / Mass Tort Cases Under the Name of Lloyd Ward and Lloyd Ward & Associates

Yesterday I published an article about how Lloyd Ward and Lloyd Ward & Associates sued this site. Part of the claim was an unhappiness about an article I had published here. Here is what it says from the lawsuit. In June of 2011, Defendant Steve Rhode/GETOUTOFDEBT.ORG, published an article entitled “Lloyd Ward and Associates – … Read more

Precision Law Center Said Bank of America Violated Our Mortgage. – Lane

“Dear Steve, Was approached by Precision Law Center about Tort litigation. Was told that BofA violated some of the MERS rules/regulation (electronic document transfers) Was told that BofA is likely to settle. Part of the settlement is a loan re-organization at 80% current value @ 2% interest on a 30 yeat fixed. Was also told … Read more

Can Precision Law Center Really Stop My Foreclosure? – Jeremy

“Dear Lewis, Residence $1.3MM mortgage MERS/AHMSI for Deutche Bank signed up with Precision Law Center to stop foreclosure and had to file Ch13 instead. 2 rentals all little equity or neg-equity, not in foreclosure, but stopped paying to seek mods. Over limits for ch13, did pro se filing to buy time. Need to convert to … Read more

Avoid Precision Law Center. Appears to Be Intentionally Misleading People.

A reader and tipster (send in your tips here) sent in communications regarding the sales pitch she received from Precision Law Center that is, make that now, was trying to sell her into a mass joinder, or a “Tort Litigation Lawsuit” as they like to call it. This mass joinder mess works like this. Marketing … Read more

Precision Law Center Tort Litigation Express Pak Hunting Hard for Suckers

Precision Law Center in South Coast Metro, California has changed up their typical mailer they have been sending to woo consumers to part with their hard earned money to participate in a lawsuit again mortgage companies in hopes of getting all sorts of perceived promised benefits. The new fake looking government mailer now tries to … Read more

Precision Law Center Fake Mailer Takes a New Twist

I’ve previously covered a number of mailers that are being sent out by purported law groups to find new customers to join their heavily marketed and yet unproven mass tort or mass joinder lawsuits against mortgage lenders. These mailers lead to a salesperson selling the receipient access to a lawsuit that may or may not … Read more

Precision Law Center Sends Out Misleading Form 52PLL-T Mailer. Be Careful!

I’ve written about the many mailers that have been going out as a result of marketers trying to sign up consumers in mass joinder lawsuits. Read mass joinder articles here. But the mailer a tipster (send in your tips here) just sent in appears to be extremely misleading on the outside. If you look at … Read more