Certified Resolution Notice – Federal Stimulus Package – Scam, Scam, Scam

I swear, the GetOutOfDebt.org site has the most amazing readers. One reader and awesome tipster (send in your tips here) just sent in a mailer they got proclaiming a bunch of stuff which, let’s be honest here, is a utter pile of crap.

The mailer is labeled Certified Resolution Notice and says it is part of the 2010 U.S. Federal Stimulus Package. The notice then goes on to make all sorts of benefit promises.

  • No 3rd Party Fees
  • 1 Payment per Month
  • Reduce Overall Debt by up to 68%
  • Avoid Costly Debt Management Programs
  • Immediate Reduction of Payments up to 60%
  • Elimination of Unsecured Debt in 24 Months
  • Credit is Restored by Avoiding Bankruptcy
  • Stop Calls from Creditors & Collectors

Now those benefits sound great but many are completely unreal. On top of that the claims make promises that are illegal according to the Federal Trade Commission Telemarketing Sales Rules for Debt Relief Services.

Scam Certified Resolution Notice – Federal Stimulus Package Mailer

Look, I don’t meant to be rude but I can’t think of any other way to say this. This letter is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve seen recently. It is plain out deceptive and appears to be designed to not tell the truth to consumers and then makes all sorts of false promises and statements. Legitimate members of the debt relief industry should be outraged.

So let’s review all the lies:

  • Certified Resolutions Notice – Lie
  • Debt reduction benefits as part of a stimulus package – Lie
  • Benefits set aside – Lie
  • Set to expire – Lie
  • Benefits unclaimed – Lie
  • Stimulus Package Benefits – Lie
  • Sole utilization of resolving the past due, unsecured debt – Lie
  • Avoid loss of benefits – Lie
  • 68% Resolution of Past Due Debt – Lie
  • Stop calls from creditors and collectors – Lie
  • Immediate reduction of payments that your creditors will agree to – Lie
  • Credit is Restored – Lie
  • Creditor payment reduction promise – Lie
  • Failure to respond to this notice may affect your legal rights – Lie

Alright, Let’s Call 888-616-0445

I picked up the phone and called to speak to the promised “highly trained and sensitive customer service representative.” I’ll let you listen in below.

As you can hear from the call above the phone number led to a very nice lady at a call center who was unable to tell me the name of the real company offering the service.

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The fact the customer service representative doesn’t know the name of the company they are answering the phone for should be a huge red flag. So who are you giving your personal information to? Yea, that’s right, you don’t know, and they are not upstanding enough to tell you. If the company is legit and has nothing to hide, why hide?

To Summarize

It’s a mailer full of deception and lies.

If you get one of these or one similar I want you to scan it,
and the envelope, and email it to me at click here.

This garbage must stop! People that otherwise would have fallen for this must be protected. If you want to help protect innocent people then post a link to this article or the video below any place you can and hopefully we can get the word out before too many people get hurt.

I’m going to rein in my level of pissatude for a moment and not claim these bastards are going down but what I will say is that my regulator friends are going to get a copy of this one.

And before you say, “Hey Steve, maybe this was sent from a law office that is trying to skirt the law and say they don’t have to comply with the Telemarketing Sales Rule.” I agree, that might be the case, but the mailer doesn’t have any disclaimer it is a legal advertisement and if it was sent by a lawyer, they must be a pretty damn stupid one.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

Update 9-2-1001

A reader sent in another copy of this same notice to me at click here.

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