The Student Loan Help Center – Review. Are They a Scam?

Company Name

The Student Loan Help Center

Our Impression of What the Company Offers to Consumers

Student loan assistance help for a fee.


2634 Cypress Ridge Blvd.
Suite 104
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

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Additional Contact Information

Phone: 866-945-2201

Company Description

“We offer Federal Student Loan Consolidation Services. Our Financial Counselors will work with you to maximize your savings and help you regain control of your student loan debt once again.” – Source


General Manager – Bruce Mesnekof – Source

Company Information

The Student Loan Help Center is in fact a registered fictitious name for:


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Brelvis Consulting, LLC is owned by Bruce Mesnekoff.


Student loan services.


No other relationships found.

Interesting Points

Bruce Mesnekoff is potentially the same person named in this 1996 SEC disclosure. I asked his PR rep to confirm or deny but at the time of this publication I had not heard back.


The Student Loan Help Center | Top Student Loan Help Network

Domain Information


Our Opinion After Review

We previously wrote a guide on what companies should offer in a fair and consumer friendly student loan service program. Please read How to Run a Clean Student Loan Assistance Program. In addition we provide the following guides to check out debt relief companies:

  1. The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Checking Out a Debt Relief Company Before You Sign On the Line
  2. How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off
  • Program Fees Clearly Stated on Site: No
  • Client Agreement Clearly Available on Site: No
  • States Consumers Can Contact Department of Education Directly to Consolidate and Reduce Payments for Free: No
  • Provides clear link to Department of Education Loan Options: No
  • Provides Historical Performance Statistics: No
  • Clearly Identifies Management/Officers on Site: No
  • Company is Clearly Registered to Business: No
See also  FTC Goes After Alliance Document Preparation and Seizes Assets

It is our opinion the program reviewed here DOES NOT MEET OUR RECOMMENDED STANDARDS.

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Before you pay any company for assistance with your student loans, be sure to check out our free student loan assistance links and guides below.

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39 thoughts on “The Student Loan Help Center – Review. Are They a Scam?”

  1. I think this is the company that keeps calling me. I get calls from random phone numbers but when I answer it is just silence. My guess is it is a robot that is trying to leave a message but it doesn’t know what to do if someone picks up.

    I call it back and it gives me some options, either to press 5 if I have X, Y, or Z servicer and if I have a different servicer press 5 as well. Lol. When I press 5 it puts me on the line with someone with a perfect American accent, so I assume this thing is based in the USA. It’s always someone different so they must have a lot of operators.

    I’ve asked who the company is and one of them said “Student Loan Help Center”.

    I’ve asked a few times if it is a government agency and they always say “no”. I’ve asked if they are looking for payment from me and they said “no”. I’ve asked how they make money if they don’t want my money and they don’t get money from the government and they act like that is a stupid question and that I’m being unreasonable. I’ve asked if they know what my name is and they don’t know it, they just say their records indicate my number is associated with a student loan. They want me to give them personal information but of course I never give it. If I ask them to take me off their list they hang up but then I still get their calls the next day or the day after. If I tell them I am on the FTC National Do Not Call Registry and that by calling me they are in violation of federal law they act indignant and say it was I who called them, even though I was just calling them back after I got their creepy silent robot call. Whenever the person gets frustrated with me they just hang up, and sometimes they block my number so I can’t call that number again, but then I still get new calls from a different number until that number blocks me.

    Me asking them to remove me from their list doesn’t work. Me telling them I am on the Do Not Call Registry makes them block me from calling them at that number but then they call me from new numbers. I don’t know if this company is a scam or not but it is certainly spam, and any legit business should avoid behaving like them. Don’t call someone and then have a silent line when they answer, don’t call people who are on the registry, and don’t call people who ask a representative not to call them again. The people who work in those call centers should feel terrible and they should all quit.

  2. Calls start around 8 to 9 AM and end around 9 pm, each day, seven days a week. I started getting them 3 or 4 months ago. I’ve asked countless times to be removed froth eir calling list, each requests has been met with an immediate hang up. Each call is excattly the same so I know its the same company. Same questions in the same order. If I ask a question, make a comment other than the answer they want to hear to their question I get hung up on. At first the caller ID would show a number with the correct local area code. Starting 3 or 4 weeks ago, they graduated to spoofing numbers to where the caller ID shows the phone number and name of an actual person but of course its not that person. I’ve had my number on the national do not call registry for a long time, I’ve given up asking them to not call and remove me as I have never had any student loans. The only thing I’ve gotten for doing that is an immeadity hang up. So now If I answer and its them, I attempt to keep them on the phone as long as possible. A couple of times the person on the other end figured that out and cursed me before hanging up. Its amazing the US government cant put a stop to this. I’ve not gotten an average but off the top of my head I would bet I average 6 calls a day from these bozo’s.
    Except for the very last call today, each time I’ve asked for the company’s name that is conducting these calls I’ve gotten hung up on. Today the guy on the other end answered “Student Loan Help Center” when I asked who his employer was and as to their home office localition, he said “Irvine CA”

  3. For over three months now I have been recieveing at least four calls from this company each day, seven days a week. Each call begains the same way, its a recorded message stating that I am in danger of losing my chance to get my student loan debt forgiven which I have already been preapproved for. I am warned that they have made several attempts to reach me with no success and if I dont act now they will remove me from their list of preapproved people. Then I’m asked to press a snumber to be connected to a service rep. The first thing each and every time the rep says is “Sir are you interested in student loan debt forgiveness?” If I say no, they hang up, if I ask who is this, they hang up, if i ask them to repeat they hang up, if I say yes in an excited voice, or loudly, or in anyway out of a normal tone they hang up. Next I’m asked a seriers of questions, “How much is your debt? Who is your loan provider? Are you employed? Montly income? total number in your house hold? are you working full time, part time, self employed, unemployed? are you already inrolled in a debt relief program? Have or are your wages or income tax’s being garnished? Are you currently enrolled or have plans to go back to school? Who is your loan provider?
    If those are answered correctly I’m told, SIr congradulations what I’m seeing indicates you are quailified. Pleaqse hold whyiile I transfer you to a specialists to assist you.
    The specialists comes on and again asks if I’m interested in loan forgivness. and again the wrong tone, answer, or question and your hung up on. I’m then asked again who the loan provider is, how much my monthly payments are, if I make it this far I’m asked for my student ID so they can look my loans up to better help me. I’ve not made it past this point. I’ve been able to keep them on the p hone for several mintues many times.
    Any time that I’ve asked to be removed from their calling lislt I get an immeadly hung up o n. Each time I’ve asked for the name of the company the caller works for I’ve been hung up on except for today. I asked and the rep told me “Student Loan Help Center” when I asked for their headquarters main office location I was told Ervine CA. after which I was told any more questions would need to be answered by the specialists, and then I was hung up on.
    These calls usually start around 8 or 9 am and stop around 9 pm. They happen seven days a week. Twice when asked for my stu7dent ID email when i’ve stated I didnt have one they offered and then made me one. I made it to the point where I’m askied for my SS# twice. Once I refused to give it to which the specialists stated that it was mandatory and they couldnt help me if I didnt and then they hung up. The other time I ratteled off some numbers
    When the calls first started the caller ID would show what looked to be a local number with the right area code. About 5 weeks ago they started spoofing numbers. The ID would show a persons name with the number. I’ve called a couple of those numbers after getting hiung up on and spoken to the real person at that real number. They had no idea what had just happened, swearing they didnt know what I was talking about. So its clear that somehow this company has manged to harness a way to do this. I have blocked hundrends of numbers this company uses, it does no good. I’ve tried calling several of the numbers before the spoofing started and the result each time was a recording saying “Wer’re sorry, the verizon number you dial cannot be reached or currently not working, or cant be dialed in that manner”
    I’ve asked to be removed dozens of times from their calling list, I’ve explained I’m 54 years old and have never had a dime of student debt and to please stop callling. Each re;sulted in a hang up and each were ignored.

  4. I contracted this company back in May of 2014 to enter my student loan into the public servant loan forgiveness program. They charged me $699 and I signed and sent all “official document” to them. Come to find out, 4 years later and after seeing my loan company on national news (Navient) as being involved in lawsuits and scams, they never filed the paperwork with the government and I have never been registered as part of the loan forgiveness program which should pay off my loan in ten years time. Tried calling to tell them I want my $700 bucks back and no one answers the phone. Unreal. So baaically they’ve cost me tens of thousands of dollars as now I will continue to pay my student loans regularly.

    • That sucks. Hopefully, along the way you discovered, there is no form or fee to enroll in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. The only primary component is to make sure your loans are consolidated into a Direct Loan and being repaid using an Income-Driven Repayment plan through your servicer. For more information on what is required, see this important information straight from the Department of Education. https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/public-service

      However, under the current Trump administration, the Department of Education has turned the program into a disaster and a current “department official made disparaging comments about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program and said it did not support the program.” The Department of Education official went on to say, “if the department were not legally obligated to provide loan forgiveness, they would not because the department does not support the program.”

      For more on PSLF visit https://getoutofdebt.org/tag/pslf

  5. Im trying to find info on a company called 77 Elite. They contacted my husband this time last year and without listening to me he paid them $277 over the phone then 2 more auto withdrawl mothly payments to get his loans worked out. During this time, Fed Loans contacted him as well. 77 Elite did nothing,he did all the work while coroperating with Fed Loans while paying them a fee as well. Now 77 Elite has contacted him stating his payments are due again. Fed Loans got him figured out and all his stuff has been threw Fed Loans all year. What can he do?

  6. They call me almost everyday. I have asked to be placed on their “do not call” list, and they always respond rudely or immediately hang up. I am very frustrated!

  7. scam, I don’t have any student loans and they barely speak English and wont hardly even tell me the name of the company, and when they hang up on me, and I try to call them back, It doesn’t even ring – just an automated message from verizon saying that this is not a valid number any longer. even though I just received a call from it.

  8. I do not have a student loan and keep telling them to stop calling me, now some how they are calling my voicemail directly without dialing my phone and leaving messages!
    Has anyone tried to file a lawsuit against them for harassment?

  9. So here’s a new twist on the old story: my wife called Navient last week to work on her loans, and she was somehow DIRECTLY connected with 99 Premier Services (aka Student Loan Help Center) from there. They claimed to be contracted to handle Navient’s affairs during the lawsuit, then offered to help my wife with consolidating her loans… for an $800 fee, of course. So when my wife answered a call from Navient on Friday, they had NO IDEA that this had happened AND told her they could do everything 99 Premier offered her FOR FREE. My wife will be speaking with a supervisor from Navient tonight to give more details about her experience. I will be calling 99 Premier today and speaking to the young man who brokered this deal with my wife and trying to get a few more details and hopefully a refund of the $200 down-payment. I’ll also be encouraging my wife to file complaints with the Virginia and Florida Attorneys General.

    • Update: it’s even worse. My wife didn’t get redirected. One of the 800 numbers for 99 Premier Services is one number off from the Navient contact number my wife tried to use.

      • That makes more sense. It is extremely unlikely Navient would refer to any similar company as you described. If it was one number off then that could indicate it was intentional to capture misdialed traffic. Interesting.

        • My wife has contacted them with a nasty-gram to let them know the agreement wasn’t in good faith and will not be honored. Now they’ve sent her a cancellation notice with terms saying that if she tries to contact her bank to get the money back, it will void a refund. We have already started the ball rolling with out credit union. How much water does the “you don’t get your money back if you have your bank do it” threat hold?

  10. Definitely a scam. They’ve been calling and sending me mail for awhile now. I finally answered. I asked if they were a government agency. She gave me their website which is down (big warning sign!). Then I asked how they got my info. She told me “the machine and I pick up the call.” Okay, but how did the machine get my information? She completely ignored me and proceeded to ask questions about my loans. I asked to speak with someone that can tell me how they got my info. Then she said “great, your loans are not good.” Okay, lady…so I just parroted back what she was asking me. She was very confused and hung up. Then I kept calling her back and told her I will continue to do so until they tell me how they got my info or remove me from their list. Here’s to hoping they stop. 🙂

  11. They call 3-5 times a day and I always hang up. Today I pressed 2 to speak to an agent. Gave no information merely asked who they were. They demanded personal info and I said I would share surely of,I could only have a web address to confirm the validity of the company… They hung up. Point made. Scam. Stay away.

  12. I can NOT get these folks to stop calling my business number 3-5 times per day for over 3 years. Lets be fair, I havnt had a student loan in over 15 years. SO WHY CALL ME? All they do is hang up on me when I ask them to stop contacting me.. Rude people!! Every last one of them has treated me with extreme disrespect.

  13. These guys call me at least several times a week from fake numbers. Although they say they will take you off of their list they never do. If you ask them questions about their business or where they are located they hang up on you. I don’t even have student loans and they still call. I am going to report them to the Feds since we are on the do not call list. If enough people turn them in maybe they will be fined or put out of business or both! I would advise anyone with a student loan to look elsewhere for help. These people are clearly scam artists. A legitimate company would not call from fake numbers!

  14. This is a straight-up scam. Do not ever do business with this company. I lost several hundred dollars in monthly payments for a service that was never performed. They literally did nothing other than create an FSAID account in my name, which is illegal. And all of the collection letters I received after I realized this wasn’t legit and stopped paying them, looked like they were typed in the basement of a Nigerian scammer. Plus….just look at the comments from the person representing this “business”. That tells you everything you need to know. I completely regret not doing the appropriate research beforehand and I have already reported them to the BBB. Hopefully these people will be shut down soon.

  15. I just had a man from a call center by the name of Michael Phillips aka “Michael Jordan” call me. He wouldn’t answer any questions about the company, and when I asked to speak to his supervisor repeatedly he told me I would not receive his offer and to “Go fuck yourself home girl.”

    Need I say more?

  16. This company is a complete SCAM! The owner of this company has been in trouble with the SEC and, if I have anything to do with it, will soon be in trouble with the FTC for their robo calling. RUN RUN RUN AWAY!!!

  17. It’s a scam. They also go by 77 Elite and 99 Premier service. Their address is also listed as 2660 Cypress Road. They have an F rating with the better business beaurau and are not endorsed by the BBB. They extorted money from me and my family and courted their phone number to a legitimate consolidation number in order to appear as if they were another business. They don’t officially contact your lenders they go online and act as they are you because they get all of your personal information and do what you can do online for free. I’m out 950.00 and bad credit because that’s what they deceitfully tricked my into e-signing for even though I thought I was consolidating with a major lender.

  18. Paid my student loans off in 1996. First they called a number of times and argued with me. I have asked numerous times who they are and later to quit calling. They hang up every time. I get 5 or more calls a day now for weeks. They change the fake number, then hang up. No legitimate business does this.

  19. They called me, I immediately asked the indian sounding lady to confirm the name of the company so that I could look them up for reviews and scam alerts. She hung up on me, point proven.

  20. I paid in the money to this company. I later received a letter from the Dept of Educ. stating that my POA from this company was denied and that i still owed everything for my loans after paying a lot of money to this company.

  21. Should never have trusted this company…there is an “initial fee” for them to do nothing, then a “service fee” of almost $600, which is charged to you automatically BI-WEEKLY…yeah, debt help my ass.

    • If you expect for a company to do professional work for you for free, maybe you shouldn’t have signed documents clearly stating a fee, not to mention explained what we do for that fee. If you ask H+R block to do your tax preparation for free, they would laugh in your face as in this case. We have helped over 24,000 documented cases and continue to help those that want it. We help you re-certify paperwork every year moving forward at “No additional cost” to protect your future from high payments you may not be able to afford. When your new payments balloon and you get into trouble ruining your credit, give us a call back and we can help.

      • If your legit, why do you keep calling when we tell you we don’t have any loans, and use fowl language and hang up when we asked to be removed from the call list?

  22. They offered to reduce my payment but the new payment adds $50K to my student loan debt and a $500.00 fee, I will negotiate with Sallie Mae directly.

    • This was a guy I played golf with that has been putting his loans in forbearance for 6 years with Sallie Mae (Navient) prior to us talking about it. It was a joke for him to keep applying for forbearance every year thinking he’s getting over not making any payments…lol, very irresponsible on his behalf but some people are “Know It All’s when they don’t know squat. Prime example right here!!

      From this post above, he’s very slow in his thought process and I explained to him he’s been accruing interest for 6 years adding more years to pay it back (reality), not to mention, paying back thousands more than he borrowed. Of course your service provider wants you to do this as they are going to service that account that much longer. He added the 50k because ignorance, then wants to blame someone that’s trying to help him put a cap on his term, also keeping the lowest payment possible every year moving forward.

      Yes we have a fee for our service as you won’t find a professional document preparation company working for free. It’s like asking H+R block to do your taxes for free, not going to happen.

      Ignorance is bliss

      I have some advise for him, keep putting your loans in forbearance. Perfect plan for someone that wants to pay on their loans the rest of their lives and thousands more. I’m glad he has all the answers.. I was trying to pull one over on him but he’s sooo smart lol

      When your loans are in collections and they’re taking your tax returns and garnishing 15-25% of your take home pay, maybe you’ll learn your lesson then. Then our fee is $1495.00 on a garnishment case that you’ll be glad to pay and get out of the nightmare you created. Pay now or pay later, but you will pay at some point Todd on a 65k loan….good luck!!

      • I just spoke with someone about beginning the program, however, after reading your replies and post, I will NOT be joining. Your attitude and complete lack of civility has made me not to trust you. I can’t believe you would post like this while representing the company.

        • Yeah, I just got the text message to reach out and after reading this I am TRULY all set. I will work directly with Sallie Mae.

          • I worked with a federal loan servicer. This guy acts all high and mighty, but he’s full of shit. Have someone pay you $500 to fill out paperwork for an Income Driven Repayment plan that he can do himself is such an amazing deal. “Professional Document Preparation Company?” Ha. A toddler can fill out the required documents. This company charges an outlandish amount to do 5 minutes of paperwork, and blatantly lie about what exactly it is they’re doing. Need proof? When they call they ask you for your FSA ID and password. Not even the 4 servicers know this, nor do they ask you for it. This company doesn’t need it either, they just use it to do IDR applications online and sign for you, without you even knowing what they signed you up for. Sometimes they take it even farther and call your servicer or create an online account with them to change your address, phone number, and email address so when your IDR plan lapses, you have no idea. You also have no idea anything is wrong until your loans default and then you realize they took $800 to “help” you and ran off into the sunset and ghost you. Moral of the story, work with your servicer. Sometimes they can’t help much, I won’t lie. But its not because they don’t want to. Based on government regulations, theres only so much they can do. But at least they won’t lie and paint a pretty picture for a few hundred dollars.

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