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My Student Loan Balance Goes Up Even When I Pay. – Basil


“Dear Steve, Basically ever since i graduated i was never able to find a job with my degree because either my experience wasn’t enough, or because the school wasn’t even known! I graduated in 2008 and about a few months ago we found out that my school was on academic probation the whole time and i didn’t know this, it ... Read More »

    How to Be Financially Successful When You Graduate

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    Congratulations! You’ve made it through the starving student years and now you’re ready to start a job and earn some real money. You’re probably thinking about all the things you’ll be able to buy, places you’ll go and things you’ll be able to do when those paychecks start rolling in. Not so fast. If you’re like all the people who ... Read More »

      What Can I Do to Get Help With My Student Loan Payments? – Robyn

      Ready to Collapse

      “Dear Steve, I am a single parent of 3 and declared bankruptcy in 2006 My ex let our house go into foreclosure) I receive less then 850.00 A MONTH for my children as my ex collects disability. My annual income is 36,000. I have been unable to pay my student loans for the past 5 years, They went into default. ... Read More »

        “I Have Three Degrees But I’m Broke And Miserable”

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        Theresa “Dear Steve, I have $75,000 in school loans and I have one job bringing in $360 per week after taxes and another job where I make $150 per week after taxes. My car payment is $251, rent is $600, utilities are $130, Food is $80, and water is $45. I have a 401(k) with $6,000. Help me. I feel ... Read More »

          Pam Is Out Of Cash And Out Of Time

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          “Dear Steve, I am no longer making ends meet. I have my daughters Sallie Mae $20,000 loan payments starting in one month, I can only afford to put little bits of gas in my car at a time, I have a $5,000 car loan and about $12,000 in credit cards. I have not bought anything that I did not need ... Read More »

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