6 Reasons Spreadsheet Budgets Beat Automated Tools Every Time

Over the years, that spreadsheet has morphed into a document that primarily tracks our net worth. It tracks our bank accounts, our investment accounts, as well as our tax filings each year. It’s a living document that has evolved over the years. I can’t imagine managing our financial life without it. (the title says budget … Read more

How Can I Stop My Husband From Spending Money We Don’t Have? – Marie

“Dear Steve, I was an asst. director at a computer company for 4 years of the 10 years I worked ( I am a medical laboratory tech by trade) at this company. When I quit to be a full-time mom (and follow my husband as he did contract work as a nurse anesthetist) I was … Read more

I Have Little to No Money At the End of the Month. – Rose

“Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I am currently in a great amount of debt roughly $50,000 between an equity loan and credit cards, Although im keeping up with pmts Im not really paying down the principal on the equity loan, and trying to keep up with other credit card pmts which leave me with little or … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Get Out of Debt!

“We can’t seem to make our payments on time each month. We are always running late.” “I want something better for my family.” “We deserve to be happy but, with all of these debts, I can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.” “I wish my creditors would just leave me alone. I’ll … Read more

Tony Writes In “I Have Too Much Debt On My Credit Cards”

“Dear Steve, How do I quickly and easily get ALL my credit cards paid off with the limited income that I have? Tony Tony, The honest answer is that while you can get them paid off, quickly isn’t going to be part of the solution. It is a classic tortoise and hare situation for you. … Read more