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Can My Wife With the Boston Public School System Have Her Student Loans Forgiven?

Check This Out_pri

“Dear Steve, My wife works in the Boston public school system. has for 10+ years. she has ~$95K in student loans. I thought she should qualify for debt relief since she works in the school system. Unfortunately, they look at our joint income, which puts us out of contention. Their formula doesn’t account for all the expenses we incur with ... Read More »

    How to Discharge Your Student Loans if You Are in the Military, Police, or Teacher


    More and more at we are getting questions about how to get your student loans eliminated, forgiven, or discharged if you are in or served in the military, police officer, teacher, librarian, or other public service employee. It is absurdly ironic that members of the military can go into harms way, fight in combat and yet return back home ... Read More »

      I Do Not Want to File Bankruptcy and Want to Avoid Credit Cards Forever. – Carin


      “Dear Steve, I am a high school teacher-same school 24 years. We had a house fire 4 years ago, fought insurance company, ran up credit cards, then paid them all off. Then my husband’s job was disappeared; found a new one-not paid; now fighting the owner for non payment, looking for another. Credit cards maxed out. I want to pay ... Read More »

        I Was a NYC Teacher. Will I Go to Jail Because the City Overpaid Me? – June

        Elder Care

        “Dear Steve, I worked as a NYC teacher. I was injured 6 years ago flling down the stairs. It was a line-of-duty accident, not subject to worker’s compensation laws. The departments doctor found me disabled, but did not make a final determination until 7 months later. They kept paying my salary. Then the doctor said that even though I was ... Read More »

          I’m a Teacher. My Husband Took a Pay Cut. We Can’t Make Ends Meet. – Jenifer

          Ready to Collapse

          “Dear Steve, I am married with two children under 4 and rent my house. My rent is 750.00/mo., car payment is 550.00/mo., daycare is 1000.00/mo., loan is 450/mo., and then we have the usual utilities and cell phone bills. Two years ago my husband lost his job, then last year he changed jobs. He currently gets paid $10.00/hr. and I ... Read More »

            I’m a Teacher But I Can’t Afford My Toyota Camry Payment. – Sloane

            Ready to Collapse

            “Dear Steve, I was a public school teacher until health problems forced me to quit teaching so therefore, I retired. The doctors have not given me clearance to return to work; so at the age of 61, I doubt that I will be unable to return. About six months before my health problems began, I traded my vehicle for a ... Read More »

              I’m a Teacher in Debt And Not Sure What to Do Next. – Colleen

              Ready to Collapse

              “Dear Steve, After long and expensive divorce got a predatory mtg. Taxes are 12k month. Teacher not paid in summer and ran up credit cards due to high expenses over the years. Just stared making decent money but now have unsecured debt of approx 170k. Mtg of 406k. And can’t make ends meet even on a decent salary. Haven’t paid ... Read More »

                I’m a Teacher. How Can I Get My Federal Stafford Student Loans Forgiven? – Aimie

                Ready to Collapse

                Aimie “Hi Steve, I graduated from ORU in 2007 with 72k in school debt. I have been doing volunteer work for a year and have now been married and moved to NYC. I am working in a private Christian school as a teacher for the 3rd and 4th grades making a salary of 20k. I have been putting a 100% ... Read More »

                  Substitute Teacher Lives in Shelter Instead of Paying Rent. – Tim

                  Ready to Collapse

                  “Dear Steve, My Brother-in-Law is deeply in debt. He was laid off from work 6 years ago and hasn’t found a decent job since. He isn’t very smart when it comes to money and lived off his savings until it was all gone. He is now 60 years old, has several thousands of dollars on credit debt, owes thousands in ... Read More »

                    I’m A Middle School Teacher And Not Saving Money. – Chris

                    Ready to Collapse

                    “Dear Steve, Hi, I am a middle school teacher. I have 80K in student loans and 10K in credit card loans. I am trying my darndest to pay down the credit cards as fast as I can. I think (HOPE!) they will be paid off by the end of the next school year–May 2010. Then I can start attacking the ... Read More »

                      My Husband and I Are Just Getting By and Now Have a Child on the Way. – Marisa

                      Ready to Collapse

                      “Dear Steve, My husband and I have been married for almost four years. We are both teachers and make about 60,000 a year combined. During this time we have accumulated over 25,000.00 in needless debt. We own our own home, have one car payment and two student loans. We have tried to a make a mend of our ways in ... Read More »

                        I’m a Teacher And Wonder if I Can Get My Student Loans Reduced for Teaching in a Title 1 School. – Victoria

                        Ready to Collapse

                        “Dear Steve, I have been teaching at the same Title 1 school for more than 10 years. Both before and after October 30, 2004 (the date indicated in the forgiveness details), I have completed at least 5 years of teaching. About $70,000 of Stafford Loan debt has accrued because of enrollment in a Master’s and a Ph.D. program in Education. ... Read More »

                          I’ve Liquidated My Savings, Checks and CDs But I’m Still in Debt. – Jennifer

                          Ready to Collapse

                          “Dear Steve, I currently have liquidated all my assets (savings, checking, CD’s) and have not tapped into my 401(k) yet. I am newly employed at a school district and make $32,275/year. I am now living paycheck to paycheck. My current debt is car loan of $10,943 at an interest rate of 5.5% and monthly payment of $552 – I am ... Read More »

                            My Wife And I Are Teachers But Our Finances Are Failing. – Jon

                            Ready to Collapse

                            “Dear Steve, My wife and I are both teachers. I just lost my job. We have a $310K mortgage on a home that is only worth $250K. The mortgage is a five year ARM that changes in December. We have about $45K in credit card debt and a $40K student loan. We can only make minimum payments on the cards. ... Read More »

                              Can I Legally Do Anything to Eliminate Some of My Crushing Student Loan Balance? – Mark

                              Ready to Collapse

                              “Dear Steve, I borrowed around fifteen thousand dollars at eight percent in federal student loans to help pay for college. Four thousand was unsubsidized. That was many years back. I have been working as a substitute teacher, but only earn barely enough to survive. Sometimes I don’t even get calls to work. I have state unemployment insurance that helps me ... Read More »

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